Snoop Dogg is known for many things, including being a big football fan. Snoop’s love has always been USC football but with the Rams back in LA we can expect Snoop is going to chime in from time to time on the new LA-based NFL franchise. Needless to say, right now, Snoop is not particularly happy with the current state of the team and is calling for Jeff Fisher’s job.

Snoop took to Instagram to share some thoughts about the latest headlines surrounding the Rams in the fallout of a decision to remove Eric Dickerson from the sidelines during games. This got Snoop fired up and he went to town ripping the team and Fisher for the decision and more.

“You sorry mother fuckers. That’s the fuck why you’re not winning,” Snoop said. “How the fuck you going to do one of your greats like that? Eric Dickerson’s a fucking Ram great. He should be given all access…”

He was just getting warmed up. Snoop then lined Fisher up for a spot in the unemployment line.

“Coach need to go. He’s sorry as fuck,” Snoop said. “He don’t know how to coach. He ain’t gonna win shit. He needs to go. Period.”

You can watch Snoop’s full rant in the video below. Be warned, as the above quotes suggest, it is full of NSFW language. Also, I wrote this in the McDonald’s dining area and didn’t have headphones so I needed to listen to this clip out loud a few times to get the quotes. I’m lovin’ it!

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