The Rams made the playoffs by winning the NFC West in their second season back in Los Angeles, a surprising turnaround from the Jeff Fisher 7-9 era.

The Falcons are visiting tonight for the Wild Card game, and the Rams are pulling out all the stops for the occasion, turning to one of Southern California’s most famous entertainers for the halftime entertainment.

Via The Wrap:

Snoop Dogg will take to the stage at the L.A. Coliseum during halftime of the Rams-Atlanta Falcons game on Saturday.

This marks the first time the Rams have made the NFL post-season since 2004, and the first time the team (formerly the St. Louis Rams) have hosted a playoff game in Southern California since 1986, when they beat the Dallas Cowboys 20-0 at Anaheim Stadium.

Snoop’s inclusion is part of an intentional effort to showcase local artists to mark the return of postseason professional football to Los Angeles since the Raiders defeated the Broncos in 1994.

As part of the historic game, the Rams will feature entertainers with local ties during pregame and halftime, as well as honor Rams fans and Legends, the team announced on Friday.

“Pitch Perfect” actress Kelley Jakle will perform the National Anthem, while joined on the field  by 100 Rams Season Ticket Members holding a USA-shaped American Flag. The U.S. Army Recruiting Battalion Los Angeles Honor Guard will present the colors.

The Rams have touched a bit of a cord with their return; for example, ESPN featured an Orange County barbershop (Golden Ram) that opened a year prior to the team leaving for St. Louis. The Chargers, meanwhile, haven’t outdrawn the MLS team whose stadium they’re borrowing.

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