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On Tuesday afternoon, ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter broke the news that Michael Jordan was getting waived. No, this isn’t a story about Michael Jordan getting cut by his high school basketball team. We’re not even talking about Michael Jordan, the basketball legend. Instead, we’re talking about Michael Jordan, the third year offensive lineman who was waived by the Cincinnati Bengals.

This isn’t the first time someone with a famous name has been cut from an NFL team. On Monday, the Falcons cut safety Dwayne Johnson (Jr) and the Patriots released defensive lineman Bill Murray. Either way, this hasn’t stopped the internet from making the connection between the two MJ’s. No doubt being cut sucks and the NFL’s Michael Jordan is now looking for a job so this isn’t meant to pile on a rough situation. Hopefully, this MJ sees the light-hearted humor in the situation and takes it personally with another NFL team.

[Photo Credit: @ACAMP_17]

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