Photo: Los Angeles Rams

In a report from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, 15 positive COVID-19 cases have been reported at SoFi Stadium over the past week, according to the LA Times. None of those who tested positive have been hospitalized or died though the total number of cases has risen to 75 at the construction site.

The numbers being thrown out can be interpreted in a variety of ways. It’s fair to look at 75 total cases over the past five months as a number that can be blown out of proportion. And considering more than 4,000 workers have been on site since then, 75 out of 4,000 isn’t terrible given everyone is in the general vicinity.

That being said, the number to be concerned with is that 41 of 75 positive cases have been reported since July 2, nearly six weeks ago. It’s still pretty low in a sense but 15 in one week is a big jump compared to 41 over six weeks (6.8 per week average), and that is a big jump compared to 75 over five months (5 per month average). That can be cause for concern that positive cases can suddenly get out of hand.

SoFi Stadium is expected to be completed by the time of their first NFL game, expected to be a Cowboys-Rams game on September 13. The cancellation of multiple concerts including Taylor Swift, Tim McGraw, and Guns N’ Roses bought construction crews a little time to get things completed by the start of NFL season but it remains to be seen if the pandemic will affect construction or the season.

[LA Times/Photo: Los Angeles Rams]

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