Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz (2) at the start of practice at Grand Park in Westfield on Thursday, July 29, 2021, on the second full day of workouts of this summer's Colts training camp. Colts Camp Revs Up

Carson Wentz can’t stay healthy.

The former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback suffered injuries in four of his five seasons in Philly, including the year they won the Super Bowl. Wentz might be a great quarterback but injuries stack up and it’s something a team has to consider in a starting quarterback.

After being benched for Jalen Hurts toward the end of last season, Wentz was traded to the Colts and reunited with his former Eagles offensive coordinator, now Colts head coach, Frank Reich. A fresh start was something Wentz needed but the injury bug hasn’t left.

Before even taking an in-game snap, it was revealed by The Athletic’s Stephen Holder that Wentz suffered a foot injury and was out indefinitely. ESPN’s Adam Schefter elaborated and said that Wentz will undergo further testing.

Given it’s training camp and we’re still over a month away from the regular season, it’s better safe than sorry to talk to a doctor and do the necessary things to prevent a potential injury from getting worse. Nevertheless, the reaction on social media has ranged from dread in Indianapolis to worry in Philadelphia and many who are pointing out the relative absurdity that Wentz is injured once again.

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