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Pro Bowl wide receiver Diontae Johnson recently made it clear that his heart is in Pittsburgh, signing a two-year $36.7 million contract that will keep him with the Pittsburgh Steelers through the 2024-25 NFL season. Unfortunately for Johnson, he may need to fork up a chunk of that money in a lawsuit that emerged against him.

A company that set up a youth football camp in Johnson’s name announced on Tuesday that they are suing the star wide receiver.

Johnson reportedly did not attend the camp, and FlexWork Sports Management LLC made the claim in their lawsuit that Johnson’s absence cost the company “significant damages, in the form of refunds, credits, and reputational damage.”

This camp reportedly took place in May, and Johnson’s appearance had been planned months in advance and was the focal point of a $125 fee that each camper was charged for attending the camp.

FlexWork claims that Johnson’s absence made a huge impact both financially and on their reputation, sending back $36,099.33 in registration fees to those that were upset that Johnson wouldn’t be there.

This lawsuit called for Johnson to repay the company all of their returned registration fees, as well as a $2,250 cancellation fee that was established if he canceled before April 5th.

Johnson posted an ominous Tweet on social media on Tuesday that may be referencing the lawsuit that was handed down to him.

“The Devil is out working.. stay prayed up.”

All in all, the lawsuit is asking for Johnson to repay just shy of $50,000 for his tardy absence from the camp and ultimately considering his new contract, that won’t be an issue for him if a guilty verdict is determined by the court.

However, this is definitely something that isn’t a great look for Johnson to allegedly bail on a fanbase that seems to adore him for his role with the Steelers.

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