Pittsburgh Steelers second-year wide receiver George Pickens is regarded as one of the most promising young pass catchers in the NFL. However, his blocking skills are being put into question on Sunday night after an all-time bad attempt at blocking on one particular play.

The play occurred in the second quarter where Steelers quarterback Kenny Pickett ran for a 27-yard gain down to the Raider four-yard line.

On the back end of the play, Pickens attempted to help out his quarterback by blocking Raiders linebacker Robert Spillane who was chasing Pickett from behind.

Pickens probably should have just stayed out of the play, as he threw his entire body in the air to attempt to block Spillane, who completely ran through Pickens as he was completely airborne.

Pickens didn’t exactly look like a natural at blocking on the play, and fans got a good laugh out of the horrible attempt on social media.

It was a very strange decision for Pickens to leave his feet on the play, particularly because he is actually among the most physical receivers in all of football.

If he had attempted to stay on his feet and lay a solid block on Spillane, he probably would have actually been able to do so. Or at least avoid getting trucked out of the air.

Hopefully the Steelers take note of this play when they watch film and give Pickens some blocking notes for the future…

[Warren Sharp on Twitter, Photo Credit: NBC]

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