Vance McDonald lowered the boom with this stiff-arm move.

The stiff-arm has long been an important football tactic, even immortalized on the Heisman Trophy, but it was shown off particularly well in-game on this week’s Monday Night Football. In the Pittsburgh Steelers-Tampa Bay Buccaneers clash Monday, Steelers’ tight end Vance McDonald absolutely leveled Buccaneers’ defensive back Chris Conte with a stiff-arm on route to a 75-yard touchdown:

Here’s another look at that:

That’s a great move from McDonald, and one of the more impressive after-the-catch moves we’ve seen all season. Of course, the 6’4”, 267-pound McDonald has a bit of a physical edge on the 6’2”, 203-pound Conte, but Conte could have stopped him with a low tackle or with a way to fight through this stiff-arm. But McDonald won this battle, and he turned a nice first-down catch into a great touchdown catch, thanks to the power of the stiff-arm.


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