Stefon Diggs

Odell Beckham Jr. elevated the one-hand catch to an art form in the NFL.

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs pulled off his own Picasso of a catch Sunday.

Diggs went up high and grabbed a Josh Allen pass with one hand for a spectacular catch against the Minnesota Vikings.

The 25-yard reception on 3rd & 15 kept a key drive alive and closed out the third quarter.

Not surprisingly, NFL fans on Twitter instantly compared the catch to OBJ’s famous one-hander against the Dallas Cowboys in 2014.

“Make it the NFL logo,” one user tweeted.

“Everyone asking to add Odell meanwhile we already got him,” tweeted someone else.

Incredibly, Diggs’ grab might not have even been the best one-handed catch in the game. A few minutes later, Vikings star Justin Jefferson went up and snatched a pass away from a defender with one hand to keep a Minnesota drive alive.

“This is the day that the Odell catch will no longer be looked at as the best catch in NFL history THIS is now the best catch in NFL history,” tweeted one user.

“Not sure this was even the catch of the game. Diggs had a one hander that was tough to beat,” tweeted Nick Easter.

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