Stefon Diggs prepares to jump through a table.

Wide receiver Stefon Diggs is representing the Buffalo Bills at the Pro Bowl in Las Vegas. As part of the best catch competition at the Pro Bowl Skills Showdown Thursday, he paid tribute to the famed Bills Mafia.

Diggs started by standing on top of a truck. When the pass was thrown, he jumped off and through a table, honoring one of the more notable Bills Mafia traditions. Of course, Diggs caught the ball as well.

Diggs didn’t set himself on fire after crashing through the table. We can only guess that the Bills might have frowned upon that. All in all, though, he represented himself quite well.

Diggs was not the only Pro Bowl receiver to try something crazy. Kansas City Chiefs star Tyreek Hill put a David Tyree jersey on and tried to replicate Tyree’s famed Helmet Catch from Super Bowl XLII.

It’s not quite the same as the actual helmet catch. Of course, replicating that scenario would be essentially impossible. So, we’ll give Hill an A for effort there.

Of the two catches, Diggs gets the nod. Neither receiver won the contest, though a person Diggs is familiar with did. His younger brother, Trevon Diggs, the star cornerback for the Dallas Cowboys, earned that honor.

We can only imagine what the Diggs brothers will do to try to one-up each other at the next family reunion.

[Screengrab via Bradley Gelber on Twitter]

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