Stefon Diggs has been open about his desire to be traded, going so far as to miss meetings and practice this week while racking up $200,000 in fines.

From that ESPN report:

The Minnesota Vikings have fined wide receiver Stefon Diggs more than $200,000 for unexcused absences from practices and meetings, sources told ESPN.

Diggs missed all team meetings Monday and Tuesday as well as two practices, but he is expected to be active Sunday when the Vikings visit the New York Giants, according to sources.

Diggs is indeed in uniform and on the field today for the Vikings, but it’s arguable how much he’s playing. Take a look at this play, for example, in which Diggs shows a visible lack of interest in delivering a key block that could have led to a touchdown:

Yeah, that’s not ideal for anyone! Maybe it’s just a random play and Diggs didn’t want to risk injury, or maybe even a blocking penalty of some kind. But given the overall situation, this certainly looks like Diggs is just going through the motions out there.

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