Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs set NFL Twitter on fire Tuesday night with a simple one-word post.

“Rejoice…” Diggs‘ post read.

Immediately, speculation ran wild on social media that the post involved Bills quarterback Josh Allen‘s elbow injury, and that his prognosis is good.

Allen injured his elbow late in Sunday’s loss to the New York Jets, and Bills fans have been holding their breath — and checking Twitter every five minutes — waiting for updates on his condition.

Veteran ESPN NFL insider Chris Mortensen reported Monday that Allen “is being evaluated for an elbow injury to his ulnar collateral ligament and related nerves.”

The severity and the amount of time needed for rehab from that injury varies greatly. Allen also dealt with a UCL injury in 2018.

With no new updates on the situation, it’s no surprise that Diggs’ tweet gave Bills fans a ray of hope.

“Could be good news on Josh Allen,” tweeted Pro Football Talk.

“Could be … or he may have just saved a bunch of money on his car insurance,” responded Jeff Russo.

“Josh? Elections? The McRib being back?” wondered Dominic Biondi.

Until we get further injury updates on Allen’s condition, this is all you have, Bills Mafia.

[Stefon Diggs]

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