Super Bowl fields are supposed to be pristine; a non-issue when the weather is as perfect at it is for Super Bowl 50. However, this is the San Francisco 49ers home field and Levi’s Stadium has been notorious for bad footing from the day it opened.

Not surprisingly, players haven’t been too happy with the field during Super Bowl 50 either — specifically those in Denver Broncos uniforms. Equally unsurprising? The fact that footing was an issue for them from the time they stepped on the field for warm ups.

Denver players have been noticeably slipping from the get-go in Super Bowl 50, with some of it coming at the expense of potential big plays. CBS’ sideline reporter, Tracy Wolfson, reported that a number of players were complaining about their footing prior to the game. Some players chose different length cleats, but of those players making a switch little has changed for them and the players are still complaining.

Levi’s Stadium turf has even been a culprit in a Peyton Manning sack during the first half.

There’s been little talk of slipping or gripping from the Carolina Panthers sideline so far in the game. Perhaps their equipment staff has figured out the right shoes, as it appears they have had less trouble keeping their footing in the first half.

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