In December 2014, the San Francisco 49ers cut defensive end Ray McDonald amid rape allegations. That was the third domestic violence or sexual assault allegation McDonald was involved with in 2014 alone.

Less than two years later this past February, Hayward school board superintendent Stan Dobbs invited McDonald to speak at Tennyson High School in Northern California. Bringing in an accused rapist might not have been your best idea, Mr. Dobbs.

As a result of the decision, Dobbs has finally been placed on paid administrative leave while the Hayward school board investigates how and why McDonald spoke to a group of at-risk students at Tennyson.

“I will always continue to put the Made In Hayward children first no matter what non-actions are taken against me in public,” Dobbs told reporters Thursday. “I will just continue to pray for the board members and their decisions — that is the best I can do.”

After the December 2014 incident, the 49ers cut McDonald. The case has not been resolved as the former defensive end pleaded not guilty in Santa Clara County Superior Court to criminal chargers.

“I never feel like we should have apologized because, like I told Stan, we didn’t bring him [McDonald] in as a role model,” school board president Lisa Brunner said. “We brought him in as a motivational speaker to convey, ‘Don’t do what I did. I screwed up my life,’ so I was mad about that because none of it was done with the board.”

Rightfully so, many parents were angry the school decided to bring him in back in February. In April, Gloria Allred, the lawyer representing McDonald’s accuser in the case, visited Tennyson to give their side of the story to those same students.

The most recent chance McDonald had to continue his NFL career was in early 2015. The Chicago Bears signed McDonald to a one-year deal on March 24, 2015. Two months later on May 25, the Bears released him after he was arrested on domestic violence and child endangerment charges.

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