T.Y. Hilton is a very good football player. The longtime Colts receiver has 374 receptions for 5,861 yards and 30 touchdowns in six NFL seasons. Last season he led the NFL in receiving yards and was named to his third straight football.

But Hilton definitely doesn’t dominate the NFL the way his son dominates his flag football league.

Hilton’s son is only 4 years old, but he made some much bigger defenders look absolutely silly in a video his dad tweeted Saturday.

T.Y. Hilton calls the little man the “best athlete in the family,” and it’s hard to argue with the tape. Eugene looks like Reggie Bush in high school, only with sweeter shoes.

The move he puts on that last defender… damn. Even the Colts were impressed.

If little Hilton is that hard to stop in flag football, just imagine how tough he’ll be to tackle once he gets a little older.

This actually isn’t the first we’ve seen Hilton’s kids go crazy on a football field. His older son Eugene Jr. appeared on his dad’s Twitter feed last year to show off his passing and receiving skills.

Those are some talented kids. Wonder where they get it from.

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