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Former Tennessee Titans offensive tackle Taylor Lewan retired this offseason after a long NFL career where he made three Pro Bowls. But it sounds like he thinks his career would have gone even better if not for a botched surgery, and he’s filing a lawsuit as a result.

Taylor Lewan announced on social media on Tuesday that he was filing a lawsuit against those involved with his 2020 ACL surgery.

“I’m in an unfortunate circumstance where I have had to file a lawsuit against the people and entities that are involved with my surgery from October of 2020,”  I wanted to take this opportunity on this podcast to let all of you know what’s kind of going on in my life. Fans that have followed my career and seen those years before the ACL surgery and then obviously after the ACL surgery are kinda wondering what the hell is happening with Lewan.”

“A lot of times there’s areas for vulnerability, and I really wanted to share this with you guys,” Lewan said in a video he posted on social media. “Since 2020, this has been — it’s sucked. It’s been tough.”

Lewan made it clear that he can’t talk about it too much, given the legal situation, but he said he will reveal more information as soon as he is able.

“I would love to sit here and vent and tell you for the next hour and a half, talk about how this situation has been, but the reality is I just can’t right now,” Lewan said. “When I can, I will definitely share more when I’m able to. But like I said, we all know how lawyers work.”

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