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When the NFL scheduled the Kansas City Chiefs at the New York Jets in Week 4, officials probably envisioned it as the big story of the weekend, with Aaron Rodgers facing off against Patrick Mahomes.

Despite Rodgers’ season-ending injury, the game is now more hyped than ever — because Taylor Swift will be in the house.

The pop singer, who is “friends” with Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, will reportedly be on hand for Sunday night’s game at MetLife Stadium, according to multiple reports.

Swift, arguably the most popular entertainer in the world, became the center of attention when she attended the Chiefs’ win against the Chicago Bears Sunday at Arrowhead Stadium. Afterward, Swift and Kelce left the stadium together in a convertible.

While some NFL fans are already revolting over the spotlight on Swift, dubbing it “celebrity news,” the NFL would beg to differ. The Chiefs-Bears game, a huge mismatch, drew 24.3 million total viewers, the most of any Week 3 game.

Given Swift’s immense popularity, not to mention Kelce’s status as one of the NFL’s top stars, their relationship will make headlines until further notice.

Fans reacted to Swift’s plans for Sunday.

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