Taylor Swift Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

Global pop superstar Taylor Swift was not exactly shy about showing her affection and support for Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce on Sunday as the pop star was seen cheering on her boyfriend from the stands before rushing to celebrate with him on the field following the win. And while it was nice to see the obvious signs of affection, it was some of the subtle ones that attracted the most attention from fans.

According to Sam Reed of Glamour, Taylor Swift sent some hidden messages of support for Travis Kelce with her jewelry on Sunday afternoon, the must prominent of which was a tennis bracelet with a special coded message.

“The pop star wore a diamond tennis bracelet with ‘TNT’ charms (for ‘Travis ’n’ Taylor,’ one assumes) as a subtle sartorial shoutout to her man, Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce,” Reed wrote for Glamour.

That wasn’t all, though. Swift also wore a ring featuring his number 87 jersey, a Chiefs pendant necklace, and a ring that featured a red garnet stone.

The jewelry certainly created quite a buzz on social media.


Swift loves her hidden messages, and that was evident in these subtle pieces of jewelry on Sunday.