Taylor Swift Aug 7, 2023; Inglewood, CA, USA; Taylor Swift performs for the fourth night of the Eras Tour in Los Angeles. Swift is ending the first U.S. leg of her tour with a six-night stint at SoFi Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Sandy Hooper-USA TODAY

Earlier this month, news broke that global pop sensation Taylor Swift had turned down a chance to perform at the Super Bowl this upcoming season. But that news shouldn’t necessarily be surprising when you look at the numbers.

In a recent post on Instagram, renowned media personality Joe Pompliano explained that not only does the decision from Taylor Swift to decline the Super Bowl make sense, it’s actually “genius,”

“Taylor Swift turned down the Super Bowl’s halftime show. And it was a genius decision,” Pompliano explained. “Taylor Swift is the World’s most popular artist. People are paying an average of $1500 to see her in concert. And her current tour is expected to generate more than $2 billion in ticket sales alone. So it makes sense that the NFL would ask her to do the Super Bowl half-time show. But that doesn’t mean it makes sense for Taylor Swift.”

As Pompliano points out, it simply would not have been worth Swift’s time or effort to perform at the Super Bowl.

“The NFL doesn’t actually pay Super Bowl half-time performers. Instead, many artists actually end up spending millions of dollars of their own money on the production. And they try to time it up with a tour to increase ticket demand through exposure,” Pompliano explained. “But Taylor Swift doesn’t have that problem. Not only is she on tour right now, but she has an infinite amount of demand from her tickets. So the NFL will have to look elsewhere for this year’s Super Bowl halftime show.”

So don’t expect her to perform at the Super Bowl anytime soon.

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