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Taylor Swift makes an entrance wherever she goes, but it was what she was sporting upon her arrival Saturday at Arrowhead Stadium that caused some fashionable buzz.

Ahead of a blistering Dolphins-Chiefs game, Swift was seen wearing a puffer jacket complete with the No. 87 on it to represent her boyfriend, tight end Travis Kelce.

It turns out, it was custom designed by the wife of 49ers fullback Kyle Juszczyk, Kristin:

KRON in the Bay Area’s Kate Rooney reported the backstory of the jacket on X.

She said Kristin had designed a jacket for Patrick Mahomes wife, Brittany, and decided to “shoot her shot” and make one for Swift in hopes she would wear it.

And wear it she did.

Kyle himself made sure Kristin had plenty of recognition as well. He made sure to take to X and shout her out about her designs.

It was needed, too. Upon kickoff, the weather was measured at -4 degrees, the fourth lowest temperature in NFL history.

And when we say it was cold, it was FREEZING.

Just check out this water:

Swift was in a suite, of course, but she still had to brave the elements.

Talk about some dedication from the fans. Especially the Dolphins fans. It was 69 degrees in Miami when the game was going on.

[Kate Rooney, Photo Credit: NBC]

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