Taylor Swift Credit: Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports

As we prepare for the upcoming Super Bowl matchup between the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, fans are already eyeing the various wagers and prop bet offerings. And one of those prop bets certainly raised some eyebrows this week.

According to sports betting reporter Ben Fawkes who formerly worked at ESPN, FanDuel Canada offered a prop bet for “Will Travis Kelce propose to Taylor Swift on the field after #SuperBowlLVIII?” And the initial odds that the sportsbook listed were quite jarring.

The opening odds listed “Yes” at +190 odds while “No” was at just -250 odds. Using implied probability, this suggests that there was about a 35 percent chance that Kelce proposed to Swift on the field at the Super Bowl, which is obviously a pretty high number, all things considered.

However, the odds did not stay this way for long – presumably because far too many people were betting “No” and shifting the line.

As Fawkes points out, the sportsbook updated the odds 30 minutes later to much more realistic numbers, listing “Yes” at +1120 odds and “No” at -3500 odds. Using implied probability in this case, +1120 suggests just an 8.2 percent chance that Kelce will pop the question on the field after the game.

But some bettors may have gotten lucky and snagged the early line before they changed it. Regardless, it’s pretty insane that they listed those initial odds in the first place.

[Ben Fawkes]