Cam Newton

Cam Newton, who recently speculated he’s been unable to find a job in the NFL because of his hairstyle, might soon be returning to quarterback a team after all.

Not in the NFL, however. At least not yet.

Rodger Wyland of News Channel 13 in Albany, New York, reported Wednesday that team owner Antonio Brown has contacted the 34-year-old Newton about joining the National Arena League’s Albany Empire.

“Sources tell Wyland that Brown has been in contact with former NFL quarterback Cam Newton about joining the Empire in some capacity,” the report stated.

The same report noted that Brown intends to suit up and play a home game for Albany either May 27 or June 17.

Now, this report doesn’t necessarily mean Brown wants Newton to play quarterback, but it’s the only scenario that makes sense. It’s not like Newton needs the money and would sign up for a staff position, especially given the recent report that Empire players and staff had not been paid in a couple of weeks.

It’s also unlikely the former NFL MVP would want to get on board as an investor; the club is drawing only a couple of thousand fans per game, with that recent report stating the team is “in chaos.”

Even as a publicity stunt, Newton would be ill-advised to play for the Empire. He’d have nothing to gain, and everything to lose.

Still, the report is out, and stranger things have happened. And wouldn’t it be fun to watch Newton winging the ball to the perennial Pro Bowl star Brown in a game.

If this were 2018, that would be a dangerous combination.

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