Terrell Owens with his popcorn.

There’s been a whole giant media controversy around Terrell Owens’ comments about not attending his long-delayed Pro Football Hall of Fame induction, with even even Hall of Fame voter Gary Myers saying he wouldn’t have voted for Owens if he knew Owens would skip the ceremony. Unsurprisingly, FS1 hot-take-hall-of-famer (and conservative brand ambassador) Jason Whitlock has chimed in with his own take on Owens’ decision, and he’s not a fan. But what is surprising is how Owens responded (to a tweet from FS1’s Speak For Yourself account, which tweeted out the clip of Whitlock bashing Owens on Friday’s show and tagged Owens):

And Whitlock then said he was in, and Owens chimed in with a further clapback:


Wow. Combining a shot at Whitlock’s weight with a shot at Irvin’s cocaine use, and throwing in “Uncle Tommers” for good measure? Now that’s some popcorn-ready material. It seems unlikely Whitlock and Owens will ever get together for this, but if they did, now that would be a meme-worthy moment.

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