Terrelle Pryor sure seems cheesed to be a Washington Redskin.

Showing the emotions of an unplugged toaster, an agitated Pryor starred in a video, pretending to be excited about signing a one-year, $8 million deal with Washington.

I mean, shit. Going from the Browns to the Redskins is like going from staying at a crappy motel with bedbugs to staying at a different crappy motel with bedbugs, only now, staff claims to be looking into fixing the problem (but they aren’t).

Pryor’s lack of enthusiasm gives Lane Kiffin a run for his money for the least hyped hype video ever. Kiffin was equally unpleased in a January Florida Atlantic recruiting video.

Justifiably, Pryor shouldn’t be happy either.

After all, he was one of the few bright spots on a god-awful, one-win Browns squad. Turning in a 1,000-yard receiving season seemed to position the 27-year-old well in free agency. However, thinking analytically, the Browns opted to let him test the market. Instead of landing a lucrative, multi-year deal, Pryor walks away with a short-term, make-good deal.

Betting on himself in Washington isn’t a ridiculous proposition, however. Teaming up with Kirk Cousins in what should be a decent offense, could pay off. But, getting a one-year deal with so little dollars — given what was expected — has to be a letdown for Pryor. I’m sure he expected much, much more lucrative deals to fall in his lap in free agency.

As for the Browns, losing Pryor will hurt. However, not committing tens of millions over multiple years for a player nearing his 30s is a decent move. Instead, they’ll allow the promising wideout Corey Coleman to gain more reps at the position and find a replacement at a much cheaper price. Plus, keeping Pryor around long-term was probably not in the best interest, given the state of their franchise.

The deal is a win-win for both Washington and Cleveland. Pryor, not so much.

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