K.J. Dillon was drafted in the fifth round by the Houston Texans in April, and the reserve safety played just 19 snaps over five games this season, before tearing his ACL in October.

Dillon has a base salary of just $450,000 in 2016, and while we certainly hope he’ll have better fortune next year (and beyond) and see an increased role with the Texans, the reality is that it’s an uphill climb and players in his situation usually don’t end up with very prosperous NFL careers.

So, what we have here appears to be an especially rough example of rookie hazing from several Texans players, as Dillon got stuck with a dinner bill of over $16,000 last night:


Yep, $7,700 worth of Hennessy (at $350 a drink, says my calculator)… and by Dillon’s follow-up tweet, we can assume he drank none of it:


And Dillon wasn’t even one of the people eating the expensive food! He just ordered a salad:


Now, it’s hard to not laugh for at least a second at this whole story, but sheesh; pretty brutal. Let’s hope it’s a just prank, and if not, how about the Texans force their now-backup $72 million quarterback to pay for these insane dinners instead of an injured rookie making the league minimum?

[Photo Credit: Battle Red Blog]

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