Rule No. 1 of life: Never tweet.

Actor and Seattle native Rainn Wilson, best known for playing Dwight on the U.S. version of The Office, tweeted yesterday that a Seattle Seahawks / New England Patriots Super Bowl was inevitable.

The Carolina Panthers defeated Wilson’s Seahawks 31-24, and a member of the Panthers social media team released a huge burn to the actor about his prediction.

Yikes. Good on the Panthers for mixing in the pop culture reference to make the dig seem a little less personal.

The Seahawks maybe could have used Dwight in this game. If playing football in the offices of Dunder Mifflin is any indication, Dwight looks like a playmaking linebacker looking to get the loose ball.

Wilson tweeted congratulations at the Panthers after the game, and said he was rooting for them to beat the New England Patriots, who defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 27-20 to play Carolina in the next round. I’ve picked my favorite response to that tweet.

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