A failed Cowboys' fake punt.

The Thanksgiving Day afternoon matchup between the Washington Football Team and the Dallas Cowboys, both 3-7 heading into the contest, has had a lot of lowlights. One of those came on the Cowboys’ fourth-quarter fourth-and-10 attempt at a fake punt, which saw them actually lose yards:

Yes, if that had worked, it would have been great. The Cowboys trailed 20-16 at this point, and a conversion there would have let them continue their drive. But this play never seemed to have much chance of success, with receiver Cedrick Wilson getting the ball so far in the backfield and eventually being tackled behind the line of scrimmage. And that led to Washington taking over on the Dallas 23 and immediately scoring off a 23-yard run by Antonio Gibson:

That put Washington up 27-16. So this fake really didn’t work out well for the Cowboys at all.

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