At 12-2, the Dallas Cowboys are already intimidating the majority of the National Football League. Nevertheless, the Cowboys didn’t want to leave anything to chance and “hired” a new “intimidation coach.”

After retiring from WWE and pro wrestling earlier this year, Sting applied for a position with his favorite team, the Dallas Cowboys and was hired for the new position of intimidation coach.

More than just pumping up the players to be more intimidating, Sting is making sure he is instilling an intimidation throughout the offices.

While the players couldn’t use a baseball bat during a game, they could incorporate some scary and intimidating looking face paint. That’s if the NFL doesn’t already have a rule against that, wouldn’t be shocked if they did. While some players didn’t quite get the point, others did quite well and Jason Witten got a talking to for skipping it altogether.

Maybe this is going to be the thing that finally puts the Cowboys over the top and get back to a Super Bowl for the first time in 21 years. Now, if Sting can get Jerry Jones to approve something like this and have the players lowered from the rafters before each game, that would be pretty intimidating.


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