The Raiders have had a pretty rough start to the season under returning coach Jon Gruden. Not only were they off to an 0-2 start, but Khalil Mack has been awesome in Chicago, and just today came a report on a rift in their front office.

This afternoon, though, it looked like Gruden might finally bring home a literal and figurative win. The Raiders were up on the road in Miami, leading 17-7 late in the third quarter. You could almost envision the headlines about Gruden finally getting his first win in his return, how winning heals all wounds, etc. Then the Dolphins came back through a series of big plays.

First there was a jet sweep to Jakeem Grant:

Then came a ridiculously fun trick play that also ended up back in the hands of Grant:

And then, to close it out, a long run that led to a mid-play high five en route to the end zone, which should really happen more often:

Ice Cube, not pleased:

The Dolphins ended up winning 28-20

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