A few weeks in and the AAF is still in existence, thanks to some relatively decent ratings and a last-second quarter-billion dollar infusion of funds. People are still at least generally interested in the product on the field, and tonight’s game between the Arizona Hotshots (coach: Rick Neuheisel) and the Atlanta Legends (coach: Kevin Coyle) has already given us one legitimately fun highlight, though it does come from the camp of unintentional comedy.

Here’s Hotshots (and former Arizona State) receiver Rashard Ross taking a flat route in the wrong direction:

The ol’ “maybe I can make something happen” in a Maddenbeen one of the early standouts game move there. This is entirely unfair to Ross, to be clear; he’s in the league and has spent time off and on NFL rosters for the better part of a decade. He can play.

He also has an adorable bulldog:

So overall, Ross is awesome. That safety, though, was a lot of fun to watch.


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