The Las Vegas Raiders franchise has always done things its own way, often bucking convention and playing by their own rules. Sometimes that works out and sometimes they just come away looking really dumb. This is one of the latter.

Sunday’s game between the Raiders and Cleveland Browns was played in FirstEnergy Stadium in Cleveland, Ohio, where weather forecasts called for some very inclement weather. That includes a whole lot of rain and winds gusting as much as 40 miles per hour. In other words, just terrible conditions to do very much kicking at all in an NFL game.

That didn’t stop Raiders coach Jon Gruden from calling on kicker Daniel Carlson to attempt a 41-yard field goal on the opening drive of the game. It did not go well.

Juuuuust a bit outside.

Carlson certainly seemed to line it up well and, on a normal day, it probably would have gone right down the middle. But given how the ball almost immediately hooked left…and kept hooking…and kept hooking…it was a clear indication that field goal attempts needed to be kept to a minimum for the rest of the day in Cleveland. Though to be fair, the fact that it even hit the bar is a credit to Carlson’s accuracy.


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