There is simply no bigger name in entertainment today than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Whether he’s lighting up the silver screen, headlining the small screen or dropping “The People’s Elbow” in the squared circle, few aren’t paying attention to what The Rock does.

However, he wasn’t always the king of modern entertainment, nor the world’s highest paid actor. The Rock actually struggled coming out of college, to the point of being cut by the Calgary Stampeders of the CFL in 1995.

But, as the story broke of The Rock’s time with the Stampeders on Thursday, we also got a glimpse of the fuel that fired Dwayne Johnson’s rise to stardom. It all apparently started with one person, the man who cut him from the Stampeders — Wally Buono.

As the story goes, Johnson had just $7 to his name at the time, yet it was the motivation and encouragement of Buono that got him out of the rough times and partially led to the man we see today.

The Rock took to Twitter to respond to the claim and he didn’t deny it, rather he chose to praise Buono for what he did for him.

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