After the Washington Redskins clinched the NFC East with a victory over the Philadelphia Eagles last December, Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins had a message (or, question) for the haters: YOU LIKE THAT?!

The phrase became the phrase around Washington football after that, as our Alex Putterman wrote back in December:

“You like that?” has become a sort of rallying for Washington fans, and why shouldn’t it be? Ever since they heard those words, their quarterback, and their team, has been really good. Jay Gruden chose to stick with Cousins through a rough start and has now committed to him for 2016, and the former fourth-round pick continues to make that decision look wise.

Anyway, it doesn’t look like the catchphrase is going away any time soon.

Alex was right- it definitely does not appear the phrase will be going away soon. In fact, Wayside Farm Fun in Virginia has even built a CORN MAZE paying tribute to Cousins and his phrase. They have a giant Lego-esque Cousins too, because why the hell not?

It’s hard not to like that. Pretty a-maze-ing (sorry).

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