If you’ve ever wanted to financially identify with an NFL team, here’s your chance. No, this doesn’t involve you hitting the lottery and becoming a millionaire, it’s an NFL team actually coming down to our level for once. Well, in one specific financial aspect anyway.

The Kansas City Chiefs may still be set financially but the defending Super Bowl champions are really rubbing up against the salary cap, possibly more than any team without going over like they were on The Price is Right. ESPN’s Field Yates posted the available cap space for all 32 teams. Teams like the Texans and Jets have higher cap space than the rest of the NFL and have some flexibility in the rest of free agency. More attention was paid on the lower end of the list though as the Chiefs have just $177 in cap space.

You read that right, $177. Granted this doesn’t mean the Chiefs organization only has $177 left but it is a nice thought that I have more money in my bank account than an NFL team has in available cap space.

There are plenty of ways to create more cap space and if the Chiefs need to, they’ll do just that in order to make the moves they want to make. With an expected long-term deal for Patrick Mahomes on the horizon, that’ll be a move the Chiefs will need to maneuver to stay under the cap. At least you can say the Chiefs got great value on every dollar they were able to spend on players because it got them a Super Bowl title. Jokes aside, it’s working so far.

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