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On Wednesday, ESPN reported that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell had come to terms with league owners on a new contract worth about $200 million over five years, or $40 million per year (for all you math whizzes out there).

This payday will seemingly constitute a raise for Goodell, who was paid $32 million in 2015. Although $40 million a year is less than Goodell initially asked for, it’s certainly a nice chunk of change, especially for a guy who’s thoroughly disliked by a prominent subset of players, owners and fans.

Since most of us have never been forced to consider what $40 million means, we thought we’d break down what the widely resented commissioner can buy with his new salary. Here’s a partial list:

    • About 1.3 million American flags
    • About 40,000 Colin Kaepernick jerseys
    • About 2.7 million large pizzas from Papa John’s
    • About 45 percent of a donation to social-justice causes that will satisfy some protesting players
    • 1,127 fines of the size he charged Bengals safety George Iloka
    • About 26,667 nights in a suite at Trump International Hotel & Tower
    • About 40 private jets
    • About 180,000 pairs of the new Yeezys
    • About 12 T206 Honus Wagner baseball cards
    • About 80,000 tickets to see “Hamilton” on Broadway
    • 3,152 meals at Masa, the most expensive restaurant in the United States
    • 837 years of tuition at New York University
    • About 1,000 brand-new BMWs
    • About 200 houses in the Hamptons
    • Tom Brady’s salary plus Carson Wentz’s salary plus Antonio Brown’s salary
    • A 3.5 percent stake in the Buffalo Bills, based on their reported 2014 sale price
    • 40 million McDonald’s hamburgers
    • About 6.7 million Big Mac meals
    • 160 million gum balls

Goodell may take a lot of heat, but he’s laughing all the way to bank.

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