EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ – DECEMBER 05: Ryan Fitzpatrick #14 of the New York Jets reacts on the bench in the fourth quarter against the Indianapolis Colts during their game at MetLife Stadium on December 5, 2016 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images)

Before the 2016 regular season began, the New York Jets thought they might have a shot at the AFC East. After all, the archrival New England Patriots were about to go four games without Tom Brady. However, 13 weeks into the season, the Jets’ 2016 campaign has been going just about as badly as it could.

The Jets’ long, sad, terrible, and any other adjective for “bad” season can be pretty much summed up by their most recent game, a Monday Night Football blowout loss to the Indianapolis Colts by the score of 41-10.

Bad Defense – Check

Bad Offense – Check

Bad Fans (okay, these shirts are pretty great) – Check

Bad Social Media Decisions – Definitely a Check

So yeah, the Jets lost on multiple levels tonight, but somehow only took one ‘L’ in the win-loss column and now sit at 3-9 this year.

Outside of the four points listed above, here are two other things that get worse for the Jets as their season goes on: the quarterback situation and draft pick spot.


Coming into the season, it looked like Geno Smith was slated to be New York’s starting quarterback, only to lose the job to Ryan Fitzpatrick and suffer an injury that would force him to miss the entire season.

Fitzpatrick, who also signed late in camp, took over for good and looked like he would be the starting quarterback for the rest of the season, only to eventually lose the job to Bryce Petty. However, Fitzpatrick kept playing. Well, that was really until this week’s loss to the Colts.

Congrats Bryce Petty! You’re the new starting quarterback of the 3-9 New York Jets!

That’s not too surprising either when you look between the lines at Fitzpatrick’s numbers against Petty’s:

Fitzpatrick: 11 games played, 57.6% completion percentage, 10 touchdowns, 14 interceptions, 6.82 yards per attempt.

Petty: 3 games played, 61.8% completion percentage, 2 touchdowns, 3 interceptions, 5.35 yards per attempt.

That’s a pretty small sample size for Petty, but then again Fitzpatrick has been pretty bad. But regardless of whether it’s a good choice or not for the Jets to switch quarterbacks, no matter what they do, their draft position refuses to improve.

Draft Position

Right now, the way the Jets are playing, it almost feels like they should be awarded the number two pick simply for not being the Cleveland Browns. However, despite their poor play, the Jets are currently in line for the fifth overall pick in the draft.

That’s right, the current order as of now is as follows:

#1 – Cleveland Browns (0-12)

#2 – San Francisco 49ers (1-11)

#3 – Jacksonville Jaguars (2-10)

#4 – Chicago Bears (3-9)

#5 – New York Jets (3-9)

#6 – Los Angeles Rams (4-8; pick belongs to Tennessee Titans)

#7 – Carolina Panthers (4-8)

#8 – Cincinnati Bengals (4-7-1)

#9 – New Orleans Saints (5-7)

#10 San Diego Chargers (5-7)

While the Jets are three wins away from the top pick in the draft, there are only two wins separating them from the 10th pick. If New York fans want their team to do well the rest of the way, it could be the difference between the Jets drafting in the top five compared to outside the top 10.

At some point, something has to give, but for the Jets that may not be possible. Below are a couple other notable disappointing moments during the Jets’ 2016 season.

Week 3: 24-3 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs – Fitzpatrick throws season-high six interceptions.

Week 6: 28-3 loss to the Arizona Cardinals ends with Fitzpatrick being benched in the fourth quarter for Geno Smith who is knocked out for the season the following week.

Week 13: 41-10 loss to the Indianapolis Colts at home on Monday Night Football.

September 25 – October 17: First of two four-game losing streaks.

November 6 – December 5: Second four-game losing streak.

Luckily for the Jets, they still have time to turn their season around a little bit. During Week 14, New York visits the more miserable San Francisco 49ers, before three winnable — but more likely easily losable — inter-division games.

On December 17th, the Jets will host the Miami Dolphins who have won six of seven. On December 24th, New York will visit the New England Patriots. The Jets will finish off the season on January 1st at home against the Buffalo Bills who they already beat 37-11.

Good luck, Jets. You’ll need it.

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