This Weekend in NFL Stupid highlights the dumbest decisions in football throughout the season. This week, we lead with a recurring theme early this season.

Stop punishing harmless celebration, NFL

I won’t wax poetic on this for 1,000 words because tons of other outlets have already made it clear that the NFL is ridiculous for continuing to spend so much time and energy punishing players for seemingly innocuous, inoffensive celebrations after scoring.

The league’s ratings are down as it deals with controversies regarding domestic violence, concussions and deflated footballs. Yet touchdown scorers are being penalized for having the tiniest bit of fun when actually performing acts that the NFL should want to shine as much light on as possible.

Like Vernon Davis this week in Washington…


And Odell Beckham Jr. in New York…


There’s no doubt that both players violated NFL rules, but the fact that these are violations of NFL rules (and 15-yard penalties!) is what’s stupid here.

Let them play, let them have some fun. Why needlessly attach something negative to one of the only truly positive things the NFL has going for it. You’ve ruined a lot of things for fans and players, NFL. Stop ruining touchdowns.

While you’re at it, make pass interference a reviewable play

Because calling it in real time is proving to be far too difficult for NFL officials. And on Sunday, a missed DPI call might have cost the Atlanta Falcons a victory over the Seattle Seahawks…


While this phantom DPI could have cost the New York Giants a victory over the Baltimore Ravens…


Aside from that, though, this was easily the un-stupidest week thus far in 2016. Keep it up, NFL players, coaches and officials! Or don’t, because this column isn’t as fun when ya’ll are doing smart stuff.

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