Thursday Night Football

An ongoing complaint from NFL fans has surrounded Thursday Night Football and how these short turnarounds can affect the safety of the players. That may only be enhanced after a massive decision on Tuesday night.

The NFL’s annual owner’s meeting has been taking place to discuss various potential NFL rule changes. This has led to a significant rule change that could change how many TNF games each team can play each year.

According to NFL Network’s Tom Pelissero, owners have approved a change that will allow teams to play two TNF games in a season. Teams were previously only allowed to play in one TNF game each year.

It seems like this change will likely make it so the most successful teams are on primetime games on Thursday nights more often. NFL EVP/Chief Media and Business Officer Brian Rolapp detailed just as much when revealing the news.

“We want to make sure that teams competitively play their way into primetime,” Rolapp said via Ari Meirov of The 33rd Team.

Many see some serious problems with teams playing multiple TNF games, including the additional injury risk of playing on a short week multiple times.

Perhaps even more wild is that teams could realistically be scheduled for four Thursday Night Football games. The opening game of the season and Thanksgiving aren’t counted as “short-week Thursdays.”

This new rule undoubtedly seems like it may be a risk for players who ultimately end up playing in additional TNF games. It also certainly could be a rule that unfortunately penalizes better or more popular teams who may be more likely to be chosen to play in two short-week games.

[Tom Pelissero on Twitter]

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