Sometimes, tattoos are a great idea at the time that those getting them later learn to regret. That’s exactly what happened to Tennessee Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan, who posted his own personal tattoo removal on Instagram.

Lewan’s regretful tattoo read “Leman” and was located on his massive right tricep.  There’s no context to its meaning, but if you flip the M upside down, it spells his last name. Or, maybe, it’s French for The Man? Somehow I doubt it’s the latter. But, the mystery is intriguing!

The Pro Bowler admitted the mistake while plugging the shop he got the removal done at.

Let’s not pretend most of us haven’t made this mistake and wished we could take care of it. Ya gotta know when to cut a man. If you have a tattoo and wish to get it removed go to @newlifelasernashvilleand mention my name to get $250 off any package. #NoBadDays

Mistakes, like Lewan’s tattoo, happen. Clearly, he’s learned from it and moved on getting it lasered off to forget for good.

Kudos to Lewan for posting the situation and handling it like a champ. As for “Leman,” what do you think it means?

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