With the New York Jets falling to 1-2 and looking awful in a 24-3 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday, New York coach Todd Bowles decided it was his time to step in and provide guidance.

On Monday, Bowles sat the team down and gave them what he called a “Come-to-Jesus meeting.” With the Jets hosting the Seattle Seahawks in Week 4, and the rest of the division winning in Week 3, this game could prove to be crucial to New York’s playoff chances.

Here’s how Bowles described the meeting to reporters on Tuesday:

“We talked about accountability and just understanding where we are in the season, and who we are and what we need to be. We just have to understand the season is young, and we have to understand we have a ways to go. We’re not where we want to be, and we have a lot of work to get to where we need to be.” 

Bowles also mentioned to reporters that there was discussion about the Jets’ identity. The New York coach would not reveal what the team decided on, however.

Week 3 was a mess all the way around for the Jets. They not only lost by three touchdowns, but turned the ball over eight (!) times in the loss.

Jets quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick was a huge part of the problem Sunday, throwing six interceptions. He did seem to do a good job of remembering what Bowles said, according to what he said Tuesday:

“I think the biggest thing is, it was the third game of the season and it’s not the last time we’re going to face adversity during a game,” Fitzpatrick said of Bowles’ speech. “It’s just something we have to learn from, and we have to come together and not drift apart.

“I thought the way that he delivered the message [Monday] was great. I thought it was something that was necessary and potentially a turning point in the season, in terms of the focus that hopefully we come with after this game.” 

Jets fans have to hope Fitzpatrick’s comprehension of his coach’s message is a sign that things will be better this coming Sunday. The Seahawks haven’t looked great for the majority of the young season. But most of their struggles have come on the offensive side. A win would really help New York on its way to an AFC Wild Card spot.


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