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One of the greatest scenes from the FX series The League was a hot-tub confrontation between Ruxin and San Diego Chargers tight end Antonio Gates. The real-life tight end apparently had screwed Ruxin over in a fantasy matchup and well, it was time to take it out on the big man.

We’ve all had those moments when a crazy week from an unexpected source screws up our chances of winning a fantasy football matchup. However, a few nut jobs take fantasy football way too seriously, and apparently Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley was the subject of one of these mad fantasy owner this week.

Some fan tweeted at Gurley…

…and Gurley responded, naturally…

The fan tweeted again:

Yes, we all know Gurley hasn’t had a great season. I’m also pretty sure Gurley is well aware he isn’t playing up to the standard he’d like to set for himself. But dude, really, a fist fight over fantasy football?

Come on Man.

Let this be a PSA: Challenging real-life football players to a fist fight is never a good idea. Oh, and stop taking fake football games so seriously. Trust me, there are way more important things in life than fantasy football.

There’s a great big world, even inside sports, to explore. Try doing that and concentrating less on things you literally have no control over. Life will be much more enjoyable, whether you win or lose your fantasy football matchup.

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