Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski connected in the first quarter for the first Super Bowl LV touchdown. That plan seemed to work well so the two players decided to try it again for the second quarter. Brady threw to Gronk for the 17 yard TD to put the Buccaneers up 14-3 over the Chiefs.

This came after a rather wild sequence of events. Joe Haeg almost had a touchdown but the Chiefs just got to the ball. That led to a goal-line stop by the Chiefs to keep it 7-3. But the Chiefs weren’t able to capitalize as Tommy Townsend shanked a punt after a great punt was nullified by a penalty. Then before the touchdown, Antonio Hamilton was whistled for offsides on a Bucs field goal attempt to give them a first down and renewed hope to double their tally. The Bucs did that and they are starting to take command.

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