Tom Brady

In a press conference on Thursday, Tom Brady met with reporters to talk about the speculation going on surrounding his private life. In it, he said that he’s “been dealing with it a long time” and called it “a natural thing.” But something else regarding the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback stuck out — his face.

While he’s had different hairstyles and clothing choices, Brady’s face has remained largely unchanged throughout his time in the public eye. This is remarkable, considering his breakout season in the NFL was 21 years ago and he’s now well over 40. But on Thursday, his face had a decidedly different shape than we’ve long grown accustomed to, looking like a V.

Brady recently acknowledged that his body was going through some issues. Even still, this particular change caught people off guard.

Naturally, this different look spawned some interesting reactions that ranged from humorous to confused to concerned — often all in one.


Not only does Brady’s face look a lot different than what we’ve seen throughout his career but it looks a lot different than what we saw during Sunday’s game against the Dallas Cowboys, only four days before this press conference.

It’s unusual, to say the least.

[Photo Credit: Tampa Bay Buccaneers]

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