Tom Brady

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady has talked openly about the grind of the football season and the impact that has on his 45-year-old body. He also admitted earlier this week that he’s nursing an injury to his right hand. He provided an update on that injury Thursday, though reporters who watched him practice might differ on their reading of the situation.

On his Let’s Go! SiriusXM podcast this week, Brady said that the ring finger on his right hand is banged up “pretty good.” However, he was clear that he didn’t expect it to force him to miss any time.

On Thursday, Brady told reporters his hand “feels great” as he prepares for Sunday’s matchup against Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers.

However, according to the Tampa Bay Times’ Rick Stroud, Brady clearly seemed to be bothered by his hand during practice.

“Over and over again during the portion of practice open to the media, Brady would grip a football, throw a pass and then look down at his hand before shaking it,” wrote Stroud.

Brady has been coy about a lot of things on and off the field this season, so it’s unlikely we were ever going to get a straight answer about the injury. We’ll know for sure just how much it’s bothering him, if at all, when the Buccaneers take the field on Sunday.

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