Tom Brady

There are a lot of rumors and reports swirling around Tom Brady and what’s happening off the field for him and his family. While he’s been understandably tight-lipped about a lot of that, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback has commented on whether or not his absence from training camp was related to being a contestant on The Masked Singer.

Back in August, as everyone wondered why Brady was missing in action from the football field, a Reddit theory emerged saying that he was a contestant on the Fox television show The Masked Singer. Brady shot the rumor down but that didn’t stop people from speculating given his relationship with Fox.

On Monday night’s episode on the “Let’s Go!” podcast, Brady confirmed once and for all that he wasn’t filming an episode of The Masked Singer while he was away from training camp, adding that since he’s only good “at one thing,” it wouldn’t have been particularly pleasant for anyone.

“I don’t know where they get all these things,” said Brady. “They gotta talk about something. Wasn’t me. I wasn’t masked and I’m not a signer, so, that wouldn’t really fit my profile. I’m basically good at one thing, which is throwing passes. Other than that, I’m basically worthless.”

Some might disagree with that sentiment, but it certainly sounds like our dreams of a singing Brady are dashed forever.

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