It did not take long for the first commercial showing off Tom Brady’s fifth Super Bowl ring to hit the airwaves. In a commercial for Shields MRI & Shields Health Care, Brady is asked to remove all of his jewelry before heading in for an MRI, which was the perfect time to flash his latest bling and take a shot at NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

The commercial shows Brady in a waiting room, with a fan clearly taking notice who is sitting in the room with him without being that annoying fan. Brady is called up to the desk to go in for his MRI when he is informed he cannot take any jewelry into the MRI, which leads him to dropping off his (first) four Super Bowl rings. Asked if that is all, Brady hands over his latest addition (which of course has not technically been awarded just yet, but we get the joke). But that’s not all. Before the commercial wraps up, it sure seems as though a scripted zinger at the expense of Goodell is dropped in for good measure, which will surely play well with the Patriots crowd.

As it turns out, this isn’t exactly a new commercial but an alternate ending to the original. The commercial originally aired last October, with a different ending having Tom Brady respond “For now” when asked if that is all he had to set aside. While we are unsure of just when the commercial was shot, the timing of it all would seem to suggest Brady was aware of his four-game suspension to start the season, and the new ending would only help to strengthen that belief with the apparent shot at the commissioner.

Here is the original commercial for comparison, with only the ending being different.

You know Shields MRI was banking on getting a chance to use that alternate ending, and there is no doubt they will be using that commercial as often as possible in the Boston area. Shields MRI could not have been more fortunate with the timing either, as this is the first local endorsement deal Brady has agreed to since his rise to stardom. Brady has taken up other endorsement deals with UGG Boots and Beautyrest Mattresses, and he was a part of a Super Bowl ad for Intel played to a national audience during the game on Sunday, but this was a significant development for Shields MRI.

As far as updating an ending goes, this is far more successful attempt compared to when George Lucas put Hayden Christensen in the end of Return of the Jedi.

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