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NFL legend Tom Brady is making headlines again. This time it isn’t about his potential return to the NFL but about those who play in the league now.

Brady is upset that many young athletes have made it more about them than the team.

“I think the biggest problem with a lot of ****ing kids these days, it’s all about them,” Brady said on the DeepCut podcast. “Their brand, their social media. When it’s about ‘me’ and then not about ‘us,’ well there’s no way to succeed as a team if all you’re doing is thinking how selfish it is for you to get the attention.”

One of the things that has made Brady such a great teammate over the years was his willingness to restructure his contract to help teammates either get more money or sign other veteran players to the team.

It worked out for the seven-time Super Bowl champion, but nowadays, many modern players have made it about themselves and there are several recent examples of what Brady was talking about.

Recently, there were rumors that first-round draft pick Jayden Daniels of LSU was upset that the Washington Commanders had not only interviewed him but other top-ranked quarterbacks in the draft to his and his management team’s dismay.

There were also rumors floating around that expected first-overall draft pick Caleb Williams did not want to play for the Chicago Bears, who are expected to pick at No. 1. The rumors have since died down but things could change during the draft.

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Deion Sanders already has mentioned in recent interviews that he only wants his sons and Travis Hunter to be drafted by six teams, which he later denied.

Former Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs has been accused several times of being selfish, which is why he may have traded to the Houston Texans.

And Brady is right, social media has become a huge part of a lot of athletes’ lives. It has become a place where they can sell themselves or endorse a product. But sometimes it can go too far and athletes can share too much of their personal lives which could lead to trouble.

But as Brady got older and more popular, he used those same forums to advertise his products and show more of his personal side and it wasn’t an issue for him. Some may have thought he was selfish for dumping the New England Patriots after all these years when he decided to join the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Some people may have thought Brady made it more about himself and trying to prove to the world that he could win a Super Bowl without Bill Belichick than remaining loyal to the team that gave him his big break.

Some thought Brady was selfish for retiring and then coming back to the game months later choosing football over his family which many feel was the reason for his divorce.

Brady might have a point about today’s players being selfish, but he probably should be the last person trying to make that point knowing his recent history, which is why some may frown upon his comments.

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