First it was the USFL, then it was the World Football League, NFL Europe and even the XFL…all of those names decided that a spring professional football league would be a viable option. All of them eventually failed — even the one backed by the NFL and its insanely deep pocketbooks.

Yet, that isn’t stopping former TV execs from thinking of adding to the list of spring football leagues that have tried. According to the Sports Business Daily, former NBC, TBS and MSG exec Michael Lardner, former NBC, CBS, TBS and WWE exec Rex Lardner and MSG CFO Robert Pollichino are behind a new effort being called the Spring League of American Football (SLAF).

The hope of those execs is to have a league up and running for spring of 2018, with 10 teams (seeing a pattern of all former leagues here) playing in regional areas like Texas/Southwest or Florida/Southeast.

Further details on the league include the 10 teams playing a 10-game schedule from April through July — prime months where the American sports fan is looking for something to entertain them on their TV’s — and players who have affiliations to the regions they will be playing in.

It will be interesting to see if this thing even gets off the ground, because if it does it will have some competition in the form of one other league looking to start up in 2017. There is MLFB (Major League Football) who has had a developmental season in 2016 and plans to start its first full season in 2017.

Can another league really survive or will both need to team up to get the strength needed to be a viable viewing and attending option. You know, the two things that will keep any league afloat.

At least players looking for a chance to be seen by NFL scouts will have more options than ever before, right?

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