Patrick Mahomes raises the Lamar Hunt Trophy while Travis Kelce celebrates. Credit: USA TODAY

Just because the NFL is in the offseason that doesn’t mean we’re done talking about Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift.

Kelce was seen without Swift at the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. That didn’t raise a lot of eyebrows as the pop star is very busy. However, it was comments by country music star and actress Jana Kramer that made people take notice.

In the past, Kramer has been linked to pro athletes stars such as NFL tight end Mike Caussin, NFL quarterback Jay Cutler, and Scottish soccer player Allan Russell. On a recent episode of her podcast Whine Down, Kramer took issue with Kelce and the way he acts.

“He reminds me of my ex (Caussin),” Kramer said. “But it just feels a little corny, cheesy. It just feels like he’s loving the attention.”

She also went in on him about the altercation he had with Chiefs head coach Andy Reid during the Super Bowl.

“Honestly, the Super Bowl thing rubbed me kind of the wrong way … the aggression there,” Kramer explained. “And then I’ve just kind of heard things that I don’t love. I don’t know, it’s something about him that reminds me of my ex that just rubs me the wrong way.”

The biggest charge she levied against Kelce was kinda-sorta accusing him of being an alcoholic.

“To me, he’s always drunk.” she said. “Every time I’ve ever seen a video he’s just always drunk. And I hope [Taylor Swift] doesn’t go on that. I see her drinking more now … like the company you keep.”

Some will accuse Kramer of being a hater, which may be true. She has had an unsuccessful marriage and a short music career, so it’s easy to see why she would be accused of being bitter.

Kelce may not be an alcoholic but his reputation has taken a hit thanks to some recent public appearances in which he did appear to be intoxicated. In fact, the last time he and Swift were seen together was at a charity event held by Patrick Mahomes, and Swift looked a little annoyed with her boyfriend who was singing and seemed to be enjoying himself a little too much.

If Kramer was looking to get attention, she is about to get it. Swifties are going to give her all the attention she wants and then some.

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