Travis Kelce Eric Canha-USA TODAY Sports

Travis Kelce had a big game for the Kansas City Chiefs during their win over the Buffalo Bills this weekend, but he admits that he also made one pretty crucial mistake that was quite costly for the Chiefs.

During the most recent episode of his “New Heights” podcast with his brother, Travis Kelce admitted that a costly fumble from Mecole Hardman that went out the back of the end zone was actually his fault because he had a failed block on Bills defender Jordan Poyer.

“Dude, I’m not going to lie, man, I owe Mecole a [freaking] new car or something — I owe so much to him. My block was the one that knocked the ball out,” Kelce said according to Pro Football Talk. “I’ve been [freaking] sick. I’ve apologized to him every single time I [freaking] saw him today and I’ll apologize again, my bad Mecole, man.”

The fumble not only gave the ball back to the Bills, but it took a potential score off the board for the Chiefs.

It was a pretty major mistake from Kelce, and the NFL world had a lot to say about it on social media.

Obviously, the Chiefs were still able to win the game, but it’s safe to say Kelce will want a chance to redeem himself this weekend during the AFC Championship game against the Baltimore Ravens.

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